Creating Family Fun for AFE's Month of the Military Child Campaign

To celebrate Month of the Military Child, RCCO created fun, engaging, family-oriented content for the Armed Forces Entertainment activity page, including both downloadable and interactive content.

Interactive Content


RCCO developed custom word searches and crossword puzzles geared toward a target audience of young children. These were available as PDF downloads, where parents or teachers could print out copies for kids to fill in by hand, or as interactive content on the landing page that could be filled out digitally and shared.


RCCO also developed an interactive coloring page for the website where kids can click to color their favorite image and then print their creation to display on the family fridge – no messy markers needed!


How-To Videos


RCCO created a series of how-to videos showing kids how to create paper planes or draw their favorite AFE characters in levels of varying difficulty.




Social Lens


The agency also developed a custom lens to be used as an interactive filter on Facebook and Instagram stories. Families could stage their own ‘photoshoot’ to to be the star of the show, and share it on social for all their friends to see.