Bringing Nostalgia Home for the Holidays: AFE's Social Ad Campaign

The Assignment

How do you coordinate a social ad campaign when your brand’s audience is extremely specific and located around the globe?

Armed Forces Entertainment’s “Home for the Holidays” social campaign is a prime example of how targeted paid social ads can effectively reach those specific demographics and still drive traffic. The campaign, which was run on various social media platforms, aimed to reach U.S. military families and service members who are deployed at overseas bases who were looking for entertainment options during the holiday season.


HFTH is AFE’s yearly holiday campaign that brings together musicians, comedians and variety shows to celebrate the holidays. The campaign is celebrated around the world at U.S. military bases and is free to active military and their families.


The HFTH campaign was targeted, using interest-based segments, geolocation and retargeting by use of the AFE site’s pixel, to reach military families and younger service members, the brand’s primary target audience. This targeting allowed the campaign to reach the intended audiences and ensure that its message was resonant with those who saw it.

The messaging included a series of claymation and animated ads that evoked a sense of nostalgia and warmth. The ads featured holiday-themed scenes and characters that resonated with the target audience, and were specifically designed to evoke emotions and memories associated with the holidays.

behind the scenes shot of Home for the Holidays claymation process

The Results

The results of the “Home for the Holidays” campaign were impressive, with a significant increase in traffic to the AFE site compared to previous holiday seasons. The campaign also generated a high level of engagement through the creation of video and carousel ads.


RCCO was able to get detailed demographics during the campaign of those who engaged with AFE’s ads, including age, gender, and location, which allows us to optimize the campaign and effectively utilize our budget. This information is critical in understanding how the campaign performed and is an opportunity to make more informed decisions about future campaigns.


This campaign also highlighted the importance of using pixels in paid social ads. Pixels are small pieces of code that are placed on a website or landing page, allowing marketers to track and analyze user behavior. In this case, the pixel was used to track engagement and retarget ads to our audience who were familiar with the Armed Forces Entertainment website, but not familiar with AFE’s social presence.


Armed Forces Entertainment’s “Home for the Holidays” social campaign is a prime example of how targeted paid social ads can reach very specific audiences with optimization opportunities to effectively spend ad dollars in the right space.

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